How it works?

Renting hashing power for long-term cloud mining contracts has been proven unreliable and unprofitable a long time ago. HashContracts combined the power of our custom ASIC mining datacenter with the profitability of internet marketing and designed a custom solution made to maximize our user's profitability.

Sign up to create an unique URL to share with your friends and family. Gather enough clicks to be able to purchase your first cloud mining contract.
Start mining the newest cryptocurrency using the entire power of our mining farm. Hourly profits and click costs are calculated in your dashboard.
We've created the world's first collective BTC margin trading fund to minimize the risks while keeping the profits high. Invest and earn up to 160% daily ROI.

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Our hashing gear

The contracts are using the AM200 ASIC miner to provide the hashing power. With the help of 50 of these miners, all coins are mined at a rate of over 10 GH/s .

The best part ? Our users are entitled to 100% of it's mining power, meaning that at the end of the day, all profits are redistributed among all active members that purchased mining contracts using clicks.

Why waste your time mining for one month at a fraction of the hashing power we can offer you for a day !

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